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A Needle in Her Hand - Karin Hanson Hallway Gallery Show, June 2023

"A Needle in Her Hand" - A New Blue Bar Quilts Hallway Gallery Show featuring art by Karin Hanson was on display, June 2023.

Karin Hanson has had some sort of needle in her hand since she was 10 years old... and that was over 66 years ago. She's always been a maker and dabbled in many artforms, but textiles are her favorite, whether they are quilts, art quilts, felted objects or hand stitching.

In her "previous" career before retirement, she was a middle school math teacher in the Milwaukee area. Karin developed geometry curriculum for her 6th-8th graders and always included artwork as its application.

In 2016 she moved to Madison. In her words, "It's such a welcoming artistic community!"

The Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists and Memory Cloth Circle have provided stitching companionship, inspiration, and opportunities to take part in group exhibits.

She has also exhibited pieces in Overture's "Remembering the 60's" and "Democracy" exhibits as an individual applicant. Her "TRIPTYCH" was part of Sacred Threads, Virginia, show in 2022.

Karin enjoys expressing herself with her own studio work and charity quilting for Madison's Healing House, or more recently, the Stoughton Ukrainian Refugee Resettlement Program.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please email

Karin Hanson Demo Samples  Upper left.  Inktense on Fabric  Upper right   Simple Embroidery Landscape Stitches  Lower left.  Needle-Felted Landscape Stitches  Lower right.  Doodle Stitching

Demo Samples

Upper left: Inktense on Fabric Upper right: Simple Embroidery Landscape Stitches Lower left: Needle-Felted Landscape Stitches Lower right: Doodle Stitching

Karin Hanson Wall above shelves.  Tulip Tray  Shelves: Top shelf left.  Oh Christmas Tree Top shelf right.  Tulip Biscornu 2nd shelf.  Iris Pyramid  3rd shelf left.  Flower Biscornu 3rd shelf right.  Biscornu Pocket  Bottom shelf.  Rice Bag Tote   Right.  My Life in Stitches

Wall above shelves:

Tulip Tray


Top shelf left: Oh Christmas Tree Top shelf right: Tulip Biscornu 2nd shelf: Iris Pyramid 3rd shelf left: Flower Biscornu 3rd shelf right: Biscornu Pocket Bottom shelf: Rice Bag Tote


My Life in Stitches

Karin Hanson:

Bright Stars

Karin Hanson: Left.  Gripped   Right.  Triptych

Gripped; and Triptych

Karin Hanson: Left.  Tulip Attila   Center.  Iris Vase  Right.  Martin's Torch

Tulip Attila; Iris Vase; Martin's Torch

Karin Hanson:

The Day the Ground Settled

Karin Hanson: "Landing Zone"

Landing Zone

Karin Hanson: Left.  Crumb Quilt   Right.  House Quilt

Crumb Quilt; and House Quilt

Karin Hanson:

Polar Vortex

Karin Hanson Left  Covid Flowers of the Month  Center upper left  Mt. Many Stitches Center upper right  Prairie Park Center lower. Prairie in the City  Far right. Dedication to St. Martha

Covid Flowers of the Month


Upper left: Mt. Many Stitches

Upper right: Prairie Park

Lower: Prairie in the City

Dedication to St. Martha

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