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Fiber Art Fundraiser Gallery

We have a new gallery show here at the shop - created and curated by Christine Harlan, a local Madison area fiber artist - in support of Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ social and philanthropic causes.

Stop in to appreciate the art and if you choose to donate to any established organization that supports Black Lives, LGBTQ Lives, or a Victim’s Family, you will be entered to win one of these pieces.

Full details on the steps to enter the Fiber Art Fundraiser are located below the art on this page.

Fiber Art Fundraiser - Bloom
Fiber Art Fundraiser - Fuse
Fiber Art Fundraiser - Shine
Fiber Art Fundraiser - Faces
Fiber Art Fundraiser - Perception
Fiber Art Fundraiser - Transparent
  1. Choose

    Choose any established organization that supports: Black Lives, LGBTQ Lives, or a Victim’s Family. The organizations can be local, in Madison WI, or located anywhere in the United States.

  2. Donate

    Donate any amount of $25 or more, as many times as you wish, dated 5-24-2021 or after, to as many organizations of your choice during the Fundraiser. A final fundraising date has yet to be decided and will be posted on Blue Bar Quilts's social media accounts, most likely through Aug 31st.

  3. Validate

    Validate your donation by requesting or receiving a receipt directly from the organization or source that collected your funds. All receipts usually list: your name, the organization’s name, the date of the donation and the amount donated. These four items are needed for each entry. Any other personal information is not needed and can be removed or marked out before you share your donation with us.

  4. Enter

    Enter the Fiber Art Fundraiser as many times as you want for the duration of the event. For every $25 you donate to an organization or support source, you will be given one entry. Depending on the amount you donate, choose one or more of the 7 Fiber Art Pieces, (Bloom, Fuse, Shine, Faces, Perception, Transparent, Torn -note: Memorium not included), to apply each of your entries towards. For example, if you donated $100, this amount gives you 4 individual entries. Apply all four of your entries towards one art piece, two entries towards two pieces, one entry towards one art piece each, and so on…if you have questions, you can email us at or call Blue Bar Quilts at 608-284-9299.

  5. Share

    Share a copy of your receipt with Blue Bar Quilts by emailing: along with your fiber art entry choices.

Thank you for participating in our mission to spread awareness, to inspire people to see and think differently, to help each other create positive changes in making equality, equity, opportunity, care and security our new normal for Black People.

Please SHARE this fundraiser with anyone, and all.


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