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Beginning Botanical Dyes - Build A Color Wheel

Botanical dyes are ancient and making a decided comeback as a way to a safer, more sustainable environment for dyeing cloth. There are more steps to dyeing fibers with dyes derived from plants. Students will learn best practices and address safety concerns in the dye studio and handling the dye materials. We will dye the three primary colors in red, yellow and blue and then combine them to obtain secondary colors. Students will work towards nine color samples on quilting cotton over 4 sessions. Learn what natural dyes yield what colors and steps necessary to obtain best results. Dyes used will be indigo, weld and madder. Other dyes may be introduced if available. Bring an apron and/or wear clothing you don't mind getting dye stained. 

Session One: Best practice and safety in the dye studio and what processes are necessary for working with natural dyes; scouring, mordanting and using assists to modify colors.

Session Two: Basic blue using indigo is about the only natural dye that yields the color blue. Learn to make a natural indigo vat to dye samples that will also be used to create secondary colors.

Session Three: Yellow from weld; very expensive but high yield and strong, can be obtained. Shades of yellow plus additional sample pieces that will be used to create secondary colors are the goals of this session. Additional dye-stuffs to obtain yellow may be used if available. Previously dyed indigo samples will be used to combine with yellow to achieve the color green.

Session Four: Madder will be used to produce red samples, as well as combining with previously dyed weld yellow and indigo blue pieces for orange and purple shades. If available, other plant materials that produce reds will be sampled.

Skill Details:
Materials Included:
1.5 yards pre-scoured quilting cotton, all dye-stuffs; mordants, modifiers and chemicals, non-latex gloves & dust masks
Instructor Name:
Kipp Inglis
Instructor Bio:
Kipp Inglis

Beginning Botanical Dyes - Build A Color Wheel

$ 269.00