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Color Mixing with Procion MX Dyes


Apron &/or old clothes

Close fitting gloves
  (gloves for sale at Blue Bar Quilts)


Plastic shopping or garbage bags for taking damp fabric home

Fine tip Sharpie - We will be using this to mark fabric, so it does need to be a Sharpie or other Water-proof marking pen so that your color codes don’t disappear when rinsing your fabric.

Notebook & pen or pencil

  Photos or other reference showing colors you are interested in working towards.

  Wipe-up cloth - a piece of cotton from approximately 12 x 18 to 18 x 24 to wipe up tools etc.  Often this cloth becomes one of the favorite pieces in a class.
Skill Details:
Materials Included:
2 yards soda-soaked pfd fabric; dyes & Auxilliaries
Instructor Name:
Pamela Niebauer

Color Mixing with Procion MX Dyes

$ 71.00