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Garment Lab 2: Fit Club

Ongoing meeting of confident garment makers, covering fit challenges, sewing, and finishing techniques Join costume designer and sewing instructor Steffani Lincecum for hands-on instruction and troubleshooting for all your garment projects. Steff shares more than thirty years of experience in garment design, construction, and alteration to help you problem-solve, plan, and fit any clothing projects you want to work on.

Craft Longer, Feel Stronger

Physical therapist Catie Koss will help you craft longer and feel stronger by teaching you ergonomic set-up of sewing, quilting, and crafting spaces and an exercise program to prevent overuse aches and pains. Learn to listen to your body and keep your sewing and crafting time enjoyable and comfortable.

Apr 16
Beginning Quiltmaking
Apr 17
Garment Lab 1: Measurements & Mock-Ups
Apr 18
Mad City Quilt Guild Community Sew Day