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Improv Hand Quilting with Heidi Parkes

Hand quilting is my favorite part of making a quilt! This workshop is both conceptual and technical. Heidi will begin with a Powerpoint lecture, during which she will explain both why and how she quilts as she does. Stitch density, exposed or hidden knots, overlapping lines of quilting, and color choices will be expanded upon.

Beginning Quiltmaking

Learn every step of the quilt-making process in this class designed for beginning sewists. You will learn fabric selection, cutting, piecing, pressing, borders, basting, quilting, trimming, and binding. After taking this class you'll be ready to make any number of quilt projects. There's nothing like a handmade quilt - now you can make your own!

Mar 30
Dynamic Duo: Cutting Edge
Apr 2
Building Blocks: Flying Geese
Apr 4
Confident Beginner: Any Which Way