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Hand Crafted Cottons Viridian

Hand Crafted Cottons by Jane Sassaman 100% Cotton • 44/45" (114 cm) Wide • Imported Hand Dyed The utmost care is taken in crafting these hand-dyed cottons. The greige goods go through several processes at the mill to prepare the fabric for dyeing. Once dyed and dried in the open sun, the mill sets the color and then hand washes the dyed fabric several times; each time drying it in the sun. FreeSpirit has done numerous wash tests in all water temperatures using a variety of detergents, including regular household detergents, Synthrapol (a special detergent used in pre-scouring fibers before dyeing, and in washing out fiber reactive dyes after dyeing), and with Color Catchers. FreeSpirit has had very consistent results with minimal bleeding/crocking/color transfer. Care Instructions - FreeSpirit recommends the following: • Pre-wash yardage with like colors in hot water using the specially formulated detergent Synthrapol. • If you are working with dark colors that will be appliqued to light backgrounds, pre-wash the yardage of each fabric with like colors separately. Do not pre-wash cut applique pieces or pre-cut fabrics. • When washing a finished project, we recommend cold water with Synthrapol.