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Zen Blocks

This pattern shows you how to make Zen Blocks rice pattern weights with written instructions and detailed diagrams. I use them for a million things besides weighing down pattern pieces. At my house they are also: stress sqeezers, cookbook page weights, tic-tac-toe game pieces, helium balloon weights, pin cushions and stackable sewing room decor!

-Fast construction and SO FUN!

-They make great gifts for sewing friends!

-Beginner friendly!

-Fat Quarter friendly!

-Each block finishes at 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" 

-Lots of options for filling materials, but we love jasmine rice.

-No pattern pieces, each block is made from a rectangle.


Approximately ? Cup dry uncooked rice (I like Jasmine) or other fill

Beans, lentils, ground nut shells or plastic bead fill are some suggestions

NOTE:  For pattern weights - use dry fill only.  NO OILS!

Funnel or paper cone

9” x 5” piece of woven fabric (a fat-quarter yields 8 blocks, a fat-eighth yields 4 blocks)

Matching all purpose thread

Sewing needle for 1 ½” of hand sewing