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Trees Branch Green

Designed by Martha Negley
"I started daily walks during the pandemic and found myself addicted
to the routine as I wandered a 2 to 5 mile radius from my home. After
passing four bakeries with a small backpack, I redirected the route and
was soon passing the grounds of the art gallery, the city’s rose garden,
and a wonderful small arboretum. The trees were breathtaking. I
had gone in spring for the Japanese tree peonies in bloom but kept
walking this year to discover red horse chestnut trees blooming and a
whole array of trees that were unusual for Kansas City. After I tacked
up countless photos in my studio, trees became the inspiration for
my latest collection. Designs include spring flowering trees, textured
barks that are almost a solid print, graphic two-tone patterns of acorns
and branches, scattered leaves, fig tree, mixed pattern of leaves and
berries and the horse chestnut that started it all. Hope you enjoy."