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Tuffet Making - Finishing Class Only


For those who have taken a previous tuffet class with Cheryl and want to assemble, upholster and finish their tuffet.

The kit fee is $115 plus tax, payable to the instructor.
Kit (purchased from the instructor) includes:
Cut, drilled, and sanded plywood base

Furniture grade upholstery foam, beveled
Tee nuts
Upholstery batting
Button form
Four solid wood tuffet feet with hanger bolts

The instructor will also provide:

Upholstery-grade staple gun and staples
Safety equipment
12” upholstery needles
Various other tools as needed
Upholstery thread and needles 

Instructor Name:
Cheryl Schenck
Instructor Bio:
From choosing fabrics to piecing them together to quilting the layers, every part of the process is fulfilling. Quilts are not only an art form, but they can also serve to keep loved ones warm and add comfort to their lives. Since my first quilt in 2003, I have loved every step of the process and equally love sharing it with others. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, I want to share my skills and love of quilting with you!
Tuffets came into my life in 2015 and they are a wonderful complement to quilts. It's gratifying to be able to make something so new and different out of the wonderful fabrics available.
My daughter's love of skating has brought a whole new type of sewing into our lives. Yet another expression in fabric and color, skating, and other performance wear has stretched my skills (no pun intended!) into sewing with yet another purpose.
My passion for quilts, tuffets, and skating costumes (and other performance wear) all stem from the same place: making something beautiful, functional, and personal.

Tuffet Making - Finishing Class Only

$ 50.00